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2019 Matanzas Creek Chardonnay

Matanzas Creek Chardonnay offers a delightful sensory journey with its medium straw colour, reminiscent of a golden sunset. Upon nosing, you’re greeted with enticing aromas of grilled white peach, evoking images of a summer barbecue, intertwined with delicate notes of lemon blossom, reminiscent of a fragrant garden in bloom. The experience deepens with hints of lemon meringue pie, tempting the palate with its sweet and tangy allure, while candied pineapple adds a tropical twist, transporting you to sun-drenched shores.

On the palate, this Chardonnay showcases a harmonious balance of acidity, lending a refreshing zing, and bright creaminess, reminiscent of freshly churned butter. Its medium-plus body delivers a satisfying weight, coating the palate with luxurious texture. The journey culminates with a medium-length finish, leaving a lingering impression of its full middle palate, ensuring each sip is savoured and remembered. Matanzas Creek Chardonnay is an embodiment of elegance and finesse, perfect for those seeking a sophisticated yet approachable white wine experience.