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2018 Piazzo Barolo Valente DOCG

Valente was the name of the previous owner of the vineyards where we now grow our Nebbiolo for Barolo wine. An investment made by Armando before DOCG was recognized, envisioning a future in which Barolo would acquire the fame and awards we are now used to.

It is also curious that Valente means virtuous, as only a Barolo can be, and also skilled, as Armando effectively was in sniffing profitable investments with a far-sighted vision.

Suffice to say that the investment had been paid off with the first harvest of Barolo.

Valente is also the Barolo we call “Classico” because, as in the past, it is produced with grapes of different origin and in particular from all our vineyards located in three different sub-areas (MGA) of the Municipality of Novello