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2018 3 Drops Merlot

Dazzling ruby-red garnet hues set the stage for a sensory journey. The nose entices with richness, offering notes of ripe plums and persistent aromas of luscious red berries, accompanied by subtle hints of fine chocolate and vanilla from the oak.

In the heart of the vineyard, under the careful stewardship of viticulturist Ray Williams, grapes reach their pinnacle. Crafted by the skilled hands of winemaker Rob Diletti, this wine epitomizes elegance and complexity.

On the palate, a medium-weighted style unfolds, showcasing the essence of berry flavors with depth and subtlety. With vibrant fruitiness and impeccable balance, this wine delights the senses. Elegant oak tannins and natural acidity grace the palate, leading to a gracefully lingering finish.

Aged with care in French oak for 10 months, this wine is a joy to savor now, with the promise of evolving gracefully over the next seven to eight years. From the esteemed 3drops Wragg Road vineyard in Mount Barker, Australia > Western Australia, the vintage of 2018 embodies the essence of craftsmanship and dedication.